Using Ten Codes™ in AlertManager

When you are subscribed to a Ten Code™ campaign, either as the sole sender or in combination with a regular short code sender, you should not notice any differences in the bulk of the operation of AlertManager. The sole exception to this is in the area of importing cell numbers.

Identification of Ten Code™ numbers

In AlertManager, numbers assigned to regular short code campaigns will be shown on the List Maintenance tab in normal formatting notation, e.g. (NXX) NXX-XXXX. Numbers assigned to a Ten Code™  will appear as (NXX) NXX-XXXX*TC. On all other tabs, numbers appear in regular format only.

Importing Cell Numbers

Normal Short Code Configuration

If your account is of the regular short code only configuration(the most common kind), if you have Cell Number import permission, you need only enter the cell numbers into the import box and click the Import button. If the number is a regular cell number, it will be imported and the owner will be sent your standard welcome message(s).

Ten Code™ Only Configuration

If you have a Ten Code™ only configuration, importing cell numbers is highly restricted. You may only import numbers that have previously Opted In to you Ten Code™ but have since Opted Out. Attempting to import a number that has not previously Opted In to your code will fail. The number may be either regular cell numbers or Google Voice numbers.

Linked Regular and Ten Code™ Configuration

Regular Short Code campaigns can work only with normal cell numbers. Ten Code™ campaigns can work with either regular cell numbers or Google Voice numbers. Even though they are capable of SMS messaging, Google Voice numbers are not regular cell numbers. Please note the following action table which specifies what happens in the import sequence when using Linked Campaigns.

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